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Fujitsu Air conditioners, Australia’s favorite air you can trust when buying ducted or split system air conditioner. Frost Air provide free Ducted system quotes, so call us today!

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Frost Air Conditioning & Fujitsu

If you’ve lived in Australia for few years, you couldn’t be blamed for remembering the famous marketing campaign that Fujitsu Air Conditioning has had for years stating that Fujitsu is Australia’s favourite air. Fujitsu’s air conditioning division is known for their wall mounted, designer range, ducted, split system and multi-split system air conditioners.

When it comes to commercial and domestic air conditioning systems, Fujitsu A/C units that are sold in Australia can generally be categorised in 3 major groups being wall mounted split system air conditioners, ducted air conditioning and floor/ceiling air con.

Frost Air Conditioning’s relationship with Fujitsu dates back to years and years of trust and great collaboration. Hence, below are few of the reasons why our customers choose Fujitsu as their air-con investment with us:

  • Fujitsu NSW Dealer of the Year 2014/2015
  • We specialise in supply and full installation of Fujitsu Ducted and Split system air conditioners
  • 15 service vehicles – installation, warranty repairs and service
  • Frost Air are experts in all models Fujitsu Air Conditioner sales and installation
  • For Your peace of mind you get a professional team headed by Installation Manager and Co-ordinator to answer all your questions
  • Installing Fujitsu Air conditioning in Sydney since 1971
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Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioners

Wall mounted split systems range from basic cooling only models with power rating of 2.1kW(C) to full heating and cooling systems delivering 9.2kW(C) and 10kW(C) output respectively. Unless you are on a tight budget and/or you don’t need the heating cycle, most people opt for reverse cycle (meaning heating and cooling) inverter models that also feature auto shutting flaps that swing up/down as well as from left to right distributing the air evenly across the room. They are also on/off and sleep timer programmable, economical and include ion deodorisation and mold and other micro-organism filtration system.

Part of the split system category is Fujitsu’s designer range that offers a sleek and stylish design with one of its most important additional feature being the human sensor automatic control. This minimises energy consumption by detecting human presence in the room adjusting the heating or cooling. Models available in this range will provide output starting from 2.5kW(C) to 6kW(C).

Fujitsu multi split a/c are also part of this category of air conditioners. As the name suggests, these will have multiple floor, wall or ceiling mounted indoor appliances (up to 4) that are powered by one single outdoor unit making them most advanced form of air conditioning. Depending on your home or office layout, the indoor units can be the ceiling/floor console type, cassette form or the most familiar wall mounted unit.

Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioners

For ultimate comfort you can’t go past Fujitsu ducted air conditioning systems. These provide comprehensive solution offering quiet and efficient operation controlled via a wall mounted display and are also easy to maintain. The internal unit is installed inside the ceiling. The fan inside this unit circulates the conditioned air back into the room through the system of ducts and vents.

Fujitsu Floor/Ceiling Airconditioners

Fujitsu floor/ceiling air conditioning units are suitable for domestic and commercial application. They are slim and lightweight and are specifically designed for floor or ceiling installation. The major advantage of these is it’s flexible and easy installation options.

Frost Air Conditioning installs more than 600 ducted air conditioning and over 1500 split system air conditioners every year.

Key Features

Residential: The Lifestyle Range

Residential: The Designer Range

Residential: The Comfort Range

anywAiR® Technology Ducted Controller

What is the anywAiR® technology ducted controller?

The Fujitsu General anywAiR technology ducted controller provides Wi-Fi control for Fujitsu ducted air conditioning systems via a wall mounted touch pad. Remote access is available using the anywAiR app, giving control of your ducted system anytime, anywhere with selected smartphone and tablet devices.

Easy to use Touchpad

Mounted portrait or landscape to the wall by a Fujitsu air conditioning specialist, the anywAiR technology ducted controller is simple to set-up using a Google Play Store account. The touch pad is the central point from which to operate the air conditioner and can be used to manage a variety of Android apps such as weather, recipes, music and other home automation apps.

Programmable Scenarios

Create up to 12 custom scenes to run a series of commands at the touch of a button or at a chosen time. Commands can include turning the unit on and off, changing the mode or temperature, and selecting which zones are open. Scenarios such as going to work, coming home or bedtime can be programmed to control the air flow and temperature to rooms required at set times.

Variable Air Volume & Temperature Controlled (VAV)

Variable Air Volume (VAV)# control allows the user to select the percentage of airflow for each zone from 0 to 100 percent, in 5 percent increments. This gives you greater control of airflow to each zone to better meet your comfort needs.

Temperature Controlled (VAV)^ is available if optional temperature sensors are installed in each zone. This optional feature allows the user to choose the desired temperature for a zone and the system will automatically adjust the airflow to assist in maintaining each zones desired temperature.

New Features (1.2 Update)

Your anywAiR touchpad is permanently attached to your wall with the ability to pivot between portrait and landscape modes so that you can enjoy all your apps in the orientation that suits them best. To be installed by an authorised Fujitsu air conditioning specialist only.