Terms of Service

Upon acceptance of quotation it becomes a contract, the client accepts the terms and conditions below.
The client shall pay the price for work carried out and materials provided as stated on the reverse side.
Title of goods supplied shall remain with Frost Air Conditioning until full payment has been received. Frost Air Conditioning shall be entitled to enter the land and premises where the work was to be performed and recover the goods if default is made on payment without liability for trespass.
Client is responsible fir ensuring that any requirements of the Body Corporate and/or Local Council are complied with in regard to the installation of the air conditioning. Once installed, any subsequent changes required as a result of non compliance will be at the client’s expense.
On partial installation, Frost recommends customers insure materials and equipment on site against theft and damage Units are covered by Manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period for other equipment:
Installation one (1) year • Grilles five (5) years
Zone motors one (1) year • Electrical (accessories) one (1) year
Duct ten (10) years • Condensate pump one (1) year
The client acknowledges that any warranty does not include the following, which shall be the sole responsibility of the client.
Cleaning of all or any filters. • Cleaning of all or any drains.
Breakage of all or any fuses. • Blockage of condenser / evaporator coils.
Failure of any piece of equipment to function properly through the improper setting of any controls.
The client shall pay the cost of a service call, any associated labour and materials if it is found:
That the plant or equipment is not malfunctioning. That the plant or equipment is malfunctioning as a result of misuse or neglect of the plant or equipment by the client.
That an accredited Air Conditioning Company has not maintained the plant or equipment on a regular basis as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
Warranty service will be performed during normal business hours Monday to Friday and will not take precedence over existing Frost Air service calls. Service requested outside of these times will be charged at Frost Air “out of hours” rate.
Exclusions: Warranty does not apply when damage is caused by external influences outside the control of Frost Air Conditioning including but not limited to:
Incorrect voltage supply. Vandalism, accident, flood, lire, or lightning strikes.
Power supply fluctuations outside normal limits. • Unauthorised repair, alterations, or modifications.
Frost Air is holder of Gold Contractors Licence No. EC12439.
Frost Air is not responsible for structural changes and making good. The client must advise Frost of any changes they wish to make at least 24 hours before installation is due to commence, if the installation can not take place on the agreed dated due to changes or access issues the client may be charged a call out; fee.
This proposal has been prepared on the assumption that the ceiling of the premised at which the works are to be installed will be insulated with a minimum thickness of seventy five (75) millimetres of fibre glass insulation.
Any Special Prices or Bonus Offers are valid while stocks last.
Frost Air is not responsible for the existing electrical installation. Any unforeseen conditions to aerial upgrade or underground consumer mains will be at the client’s expense.
Frost Air is not responsible for boxing in, positioning and the space required for droppers. In some circumstances, due to the structure of the building, some quoted outlets may not be accessible.
Frost Air will take all reasonable care during installation works and is not liable for damage unless it is established before installers leave the site.
Written quotation price is fixed for thirty (30) days from the date of the quote.