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Split system air conditioner installation, sales and service specialists in Sydney, we have supplied and installed 1000’s of split air-cons to our happy customers and are the most reliable aircon repairs and installers in the Sydney region.

Why should you get your Split Systems from Frost Air?

We are one of the oldest and most reliable air-conditioning specialists in the region and that is the reason we boast not only of a great reputation with our customers but also with our partners. Be it having stocks on time or ensuring end to end installation and supply satisfaction, we are hands-on (literally) with it all. 

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These wall mounted units are stylish and slim, with total comfort and ease of operation. A split system comprises of two units; the evaporative fan coil and the outdoor condensing unit.
The term ‘split’ refers to the fact that the two units are separated. This allows the condensing unit to be located virtually anywhere outside. Available in a range of capacities and either reverse cycle or cooling only.

  • Auto Cleaning
  • Auto Changeover
  • Sleep Timer
  • Quiet Operation
  • Remote Control
  • Soft starter

Note: Features may vary between each model

How does Split System Air Conditioning work?

We all appreciate a good reliable air conditioning system (ac) that keeps us cool in summer and nice and warm in winter. Most of us do not pay all that much attention to how the process actually works and that is understandable unless you are in the market to buy a new a/c system or you need your existing system serviced or repaired. Air conditioners capable of cooling and heating are called reverse cycle. Although there are units that will only perform cooling, most modern installations will have both hot and cold cycles included.

This article will focus on the process and features of air conditioning cooling; however the workings are the same with heating except that the temperature exchange is in the reverse order. The cooling method is very similar to the workings of the refrigerators and the main and obvious difference is that refrigerators cool the cold box where split system air conditioner for example is designed to cool insides of a single room.

This process of chilling the indoor is achieved by converting liquid into a gas that becomes very cold. Room air is propelled over this cool refrigerant in turn converting the heat from the air into this gas resulting in room cooling. This air is then just simply fan forced into the room, keeping its occupants much more comfortable. The refrigerant gas is then transformed back into its liquid form so the process can be repeated over and over again.

Split system air conditioner uses a thermostat to regulate the air temperature; it uses the built-in filters to remove air particles at the same time. Another important function that is often forgotten that makes air conditioning installation worthwhile is its humidity reducing capability. As the humidity is drawn away from the passing room air, this moisture is released via small drain pipes that are part of every installation. This gives air conditioners their dehumidifying feature.

Easy way to describe the split system air conditioner installation would be to divide it into 2 parts; this is where its name comes from. The cold side is fitted inside of the room and is therefore the most visible part of every installation. The second part is located outside of the building and this so called hot side is a condenser or a heat exchanger. As the name suggests, the warm air that was collected from the inside of the building is now released into the atmosphere.

For more comprehensive cooling of the whole house or a building, ducted air conditioning is the right choice. The cooling principle is the same, however the cold air is distributed throughout the house via the system of ducts to every room where split system ac units are designed for a single area.

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