Service & Maintenance

NEWS FLASH: It is very important to have your air conditioning regularly maintained!

Frost Air carries out service calls for all air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. We service domestic, commercial, as well as industrial sites.

Our on-going commercial contracts include maintenance for Schools, Medical Centers, Correctional Centers, Defense Industries and Clubs. Our qualified and licensed Service Technicians aim to respond immediately to all service requests. Preventative Plan Maintenance Agreements enable clients to be pro-active in maintaining air conditioning systems. The benefits include improved comfort levels, efficiency and reliability leading to a reduction in repair costs and an increase in the life expectancy of the systems.

We also look after regular testing of Cooling Towers for legionella bacteria. If you have a cooling tower on site, Frost Air can provide a detailed Maintenance Program and price for bacteria analysis and chemical treatment.

Our proficient Service Division can devise a Preventative Plan Maintenance Agreement to meet your requirements.

Call us on (02) 9634 5999 or email us at: [email protected]. You can also click on the button below to get it right now!

Frost Air’s Deep Clean Service on Split Systems:

In the current environment we recommend keeping your systems as healthy as possible so have a look at how you can have your existing Split System have one of our Deep Cleans as explained in this video below: