Multi Split Systems

Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Multi-split air conditioning systems sales, installation and service & maintenance specialists in Sydney, we have supplied and installed 1000’s of multi-split airt conditioning systems for our satisfied and recurring customers over the years in the Sydney region.

Why should you get your Multi-Split Systems from Frost Air?

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We are one of the oldest and most reliable air-conditioning specialists in the region and that is the reason we boast not only of a great reputation with our customers but also with our partners. Be it having stocks on time or ensuring end to end installation and supply satisfaction, we are hands-on (literally) with it all. 

What are Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems?

Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems are one the most advanced air conditioning solutions in the market. A multi-split air conditioning system is the one where multiple indoor units i.e. (2-5) can run on a single outdoor compressor. 

A Multisplit system comprises of one outdoor unit and a multiple number of indoor fan coils. It is possible to tailor the system to suit your specific needs.  They are ideal for residential homes, apartments, villas and townhouses. Available in both standard or inverter type condensers.

This is ideal for homes that face limited space issues because it offers amazing installation versatility, space-saving choices, and greater energy savings. Multi-split systems are also known to have higher efficiency and better value for money as they save up on electricity bills and provides power cooling. 

Multi-split systems also come in handy when you want to control temperatures differently in every room. It does not restrict the user to a certain zone controlled temperature. It gives the liberty to users to adjust the temperature as per their individual preferences in both residential as well as commercial setups. 

Inverter Multi-Split Systems

Rather than using a constant speed compressor, the inverter system uses a variable speed compressor, which means the Cooling or Heating capacity of the air conditioning system can be varied to suit indoor conditions in each room.

This makes the Inverter Multi Systems more economical and efficient to operate and produce less noise than standard counterparts on the market today.

How does Multi-Split Air Conditioning work?

A multi-split AC has one outdoor compressor, connected to four to five indoor air outlets via refrigerant lines rather than a complex duct system. Apart from the refrigerant tubing, the indoor air outlets are connected to the outdoor unit with condensate drain lines and power cables.

Although each indoor air outlets can be separately controlled, they are connected with the same outdoor heat pump unit to absorb or disperse heat. A heat pump works by removing the heat from the outdoor environment and transferring it indoors.