When your air conditioning system does not appear to be functioning properly, there are several points listed below that you can check prior to lodging a warranty call

If the unit does not operate or there is no display:

  • Check the Circuit Breaker or Isolator and turn off for 5 minutes and then turn back on
  • Check to see if the timer function is on? Clear timer function
  • Is unit at the start of heating cycle? Wait a few minutes for unit to heat up
  • Is the unit in Defrost Mode? Wait for defrost mode to finish

If the unit does not cool or heat effectively:

  • Is the Return Air Filter dirty Clean filter
  • Has the temperature been set correctly Check temperature setting on controller
  • Has the mode been set correctly Check mode setting on controller
  • On very hot/cold days please allow sufficient time from first turning unit on

If the room has a peculiar odour:

  • Check that this is not a damp smell exuded by the walls, carpet, furniture or cloth items in the room

If there is a loud whistle coming from the return air grille:

  • This is caused by dirty filters Clean filters

If the air conditioner operation is noisy:

  • For a noise that sounds like water flowing, this is the sound of the refrigerant flowing through the coil inside the air conditioner. This is normal.
  • For a noise that sounds like compressed air releasing to the atmosphere, this is the sound of reversing the refrigerant flow in the outdoor unit at initial start up or when the unit engages into the defrost mode. This is normal

It seems like condensation is leaking from the air conditioner:

  • Condensation occurs when the unit fan draws warm air across the cool refrigerated coil. During the Cool cycle condensation will come from the indoor unit. During the Heat cycle condensation will come from the outdoor unit.

If it is hot/cold in some rooms but not others:

  • Check if the appropriate zone switch is on
  • Check that there is air coming out of the outlet

Hand-held remote control display is faint or no display at all:

  • Are the batteries depleted? Replace batteries with new
  • Are batteries inserted correctly? Check for correct fitting in (+) and (-) directions

Airflow does not begin immediately during heating operation:

  • The fan will not start until it has warmed the coil sufficiently so as to prevent undesired cooling effect at the beginning of its cycle. Once the temperature has increased to desired temperature the fan will start automatically.

There looks like steam coming out of the outdoor unit:

  • When the unit is in the heating mode it can enter the defrost mode which is a safety requirement. When this happens it may look like there is steam coming from the outdoor unit but it is only defrosting the build up of frost on the outdoor coil. This is normal.

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